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Welcome to The Cutoff Project, where we're not just about flexing muscles but also flexing style! We've got activewear that'll have you looking like a workout wizard while you conquer the gym, the track, or even your living room yoga session. We believe in fashion and function holding hands, skipping through fields of gains together. So whether you're pumping iron, striking a warrior pose, or just trying to impress your treadmill, we've got your back (and your front) covered in style! Let's sweat in style together with Cut-Offz!

"nice sleeveless brother"

Jay Cutler - 4x Mr. Olympia

"In love with the material of this top!!!!! The shorts are super cute too! Really love the material. Very comfortable, breathable, and stretchy!"

Simplygee__13 - Instagram Influencer

"I like them a lot. I have a million pairs of the same exact shorts i wear everyday and this is an upgrade. These shorts are sick man!"

Ian Hardin - Founder of RED5

"Thank you for the gym set! i love how buttery soft it is! I love the material! Love that it doesn't give me camel toe! Girls love that! Definitely squat proof! even my mom loved the set!

Jackielynn Cabrales - NPC Bikini Competitor

"I really love the pieces! They're comfortable to lift in and i felt powerful wearing them in the gym today!"

Cheyenne Yahraes - Competitor & Influencer

"Im in love with the green set! The material is high quality and i love it's softness!"

Belinda Rivera - IFBB Bikini Pro

"Love the material in the shorts. breathable, lightweight, and flexible. Makes my butt look good too."

Tim Franseen - Fitness Enthusiast

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